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New Android ADT Eclipse plugin!

The new Android plugin for Eclipse is now available (v8.0.1), and it fixes many bugs, and also became compatible with Eclipse Helios.
More informations here: ADT Plugin for Eclipse

A good review about the the updated plugin can be found here.

*fixed* Android Eclipse ADT Plugin problem with Helios

Eclipse ADT plugin is not compatible with Eclipse Helios (3.6) as stated on download site. They promise, that this bug will be fixed in the near future, however in the meanwhile you should get Eclipse Galileo (3.5) to use the plugin seamlessly.

Issue fixed, check plugin site!.

Faster Eclipse on Mac

Sometimes Eclipse IDE gets really slow, which can be really annoying (especially when changing tabs, it takes a while to switch to the other one). Here is a quick solution, which makes it much more better: