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Full screen mode for UIView in UINavigationController

If you want to hide statusbar or tabbar from a view in a navigation controller (to display it on full screen), set [self setWantsFullScreenLayout:YES], and that view will be presented in fullscreen mode. (e.g like in the Photos app)
To hide the statusbar or tabbar, use viewController.hidesBottomBarWhenPushed = YES; before invoking pushViewController method.

To have transculent-black navigation-/statusbar, use UIBarStyleBlack and set the translucent property to YES, and set tintColor to clearColor.

Source: Stackoverflow.com, iPhoneDevSDK

iPhone/iPad navigation controller

Have you ever tried to add a navigation controller without starting up a project based on that controller?
Well you can’t have such project on iPad as well.
So after some Google you find something like this solution:

Another way is to drag the Navigation Controller in Interface Builder to the XIB, specify it’s RootViewController class, and assign an IBOutlet property in the File’s Owner (can be app delegate or another ViewController).